Alyssa Cho

"Creating new beautiful moments and restoring those that need to be kept"

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"Every moment is special and unique. I say unique as in no moment in life is the same as another. This is why my passion is to capture moments of now and the future, to be a beautiful past remembered in time through memories in breathtaking photographs.” - Alyssa

About Me <3

Alyssa Cho grew up in the LA/Malibu/Ventura area. One of her favorite goals as an artist & photographer is to capture each special moment or person in their purest of forms. Her desire is to professionally capture the most meaningful and sincerest photographs for you to keep forever and share with your loved ones. They say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. She likes to say that beauty is inside the beholder. Which is why she uses her lens to bring out the beauty within you.



Printing Services

Printing amenities in a wide array of formats.

Photo Restorations

Restoring appearance of damaged photos.

Photography Touch up

Extra editing or finishing touch ups to photos.

Made with Love

Every person every item gets shot with Love.


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